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Idaho Murder Update

WTF happened to missing Mom Ana Walshe and why is her husband so sketch??

[00:00:00] april: Hey y’all. I’m April. And I’m Caroline, and this is

[00:00:10] caroline: your bloody happy hour.

[00:00:13] april: Caroline, are you ready for this? This is your newest guilty pleasure. It’s the bloodiest part of your week. Did we say something about it also being Happy Hour showed

[00:00:24] caroline: in because we about to be sipping on some. Bloody

[00:00:28] april: happy hours.[00:00:30]

[00:00:38] caroline: Hey

[00:00:42] april: So this is April. This is Caroline, and this is your bloody

[00:00:47] caroline: happy hour. Listen, y. There’s so many things we can’t wait to tell you about

[00:00:52] april: all of them. , I just learned a new term. We’re not gonna tell ’em what it is. If they wanna Google it, go look up the term fleshlight, [00:01:00] and lumpkin. I learned it’s basically vocab.

[00:01:07] april: I learned a new vocabulary term we learned, um, edging on, on a former, on like two weeks ago. I feel like I must be the porn star. You must be the porn star because I’m

[00:01:18] caroline: teaching you all these,

[00:01:19] april: the new verbiage. Yes. Uh, yeah. Anyways, how are y’all? How are y’all? We love that you’re here. , we love [00:01:30] Happy turn up Tuesday.

[00:01:31] april: We love

[00:01:31] caroline: to to that. You can hear

[00:01:33] april: our voices. can’t even get it out. , . Um, we actually just, um, this week has been nuts and this week we also did the dirty Chad teaser. Hello? Hello. Hello, hello. Hello. Slash The only part you’re gonna. Is it out? Oh, right now, no. Oh, it’s not out. We just recorded it. We just [00:02:00] actually just typed it up.

[00:02:01] april: Oh, we haven’t recorded it. But wait, who’s dirty? Chad, for anybody who’s new? Yeah. Dirty Chat. Do you need touch my screen? Who is that? Yeah. Cause you would read it. I’m not gonna read my email.

[00:02:13] caroline: Um, dirty Chad is, um, my ex-husband. Yeah. And there’s a lot of, uh, okay for those who are new, dirty Chad is my ex-husband, and there was a very, um, [00:02:30] tumultuous, tumultuous, tumultuous, one of those, one of those relationship having to do with a lot of things involving, um, Stealing and lying and ch not cheating that I know of.

[00:02:44] caroline: Um, deception, um, gaslighting, narcissism. All the things. All the trigger words. It, it, it was, it was that and basically, uh, the show, dirty John was very similar to [00:03:00] this, so we decided to call him Dirty Chad and we’re making a series out of it because it is that interesting. As I’m telling April these stories, she’s even shocked.

[00:03:12] april: Yes. I thought I knew most of ’em. Yeah.

[00:03:15] caroline: Yeah. There there’s so many things I think that nobody knows. Yeah.

[00:03:20] april: So, but she does have a journal. I got

[00:03:24] caroline: a journal and I have a lot of receipts, , and I keep finding more [00:03:30] receipts, . So the revelations are, uh, I think it’s just making her more excited because she’s like, oh my gosh, I can’t believe that.

[00:03:38] caroline: Yeah, even like

[00:03:39] april: producer Mike was like, I cannot wait. I cannot wait. I cannot

[00:03:42] caroline: wait. Everybody’s mouthwatering.

[00:03:44] april: So we, we had a Porsche, deep Betty vodka to kind get through it a little. Y’all.

[00:03:48] caroline: It’s been a week, but before we get into it, let’s tell you a little bit about, uh, what, four Sigmatic? Yeah, but four Sigmatic.

[00:03:57] caroline: It’s, let me tell you, it’s just a sciencey way of [00:04:00] saying really good for you.

[00:04:01] april: Really, really good for you. Really good for you. , and it’s not just your regular cup of coffee. Mm-hmm. , you choose to drink the coffee. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , it’s enhances focus, it boosts your mood and it supports your immune system, which right now everybody’s really, really sick.

[00:04:18] april: Clearly. So this is basically vitamin C coffee in addition to mush mushroom coffee. Uh, who

[00:04:26] caroline: doesn’t love mushrooms and.

[00:04:29] april: Not the [00:04:30] Austin hair, not the college cannibal Mushrooms. No, but Chaga and Lions man. Was it Lions man?

[00:04:39] caroline: I don’t know. I just, I just love the cacao.

[00:04:42] april: You C And if you don’t like coffee, you can have things like protein powder, powder, it’s plant protein powder or something to just mix in anything that you wanna drink so that you can get those benefits, but not have to drink the coffee.

[00:04:55] april: Yeah. Um, It’s, I had to put a little bit of [00:05:00] vanilla in there. So if you usually drink black coffee, I have to be honest, I can take black coffee. It has a different taste, so I had to put a little bit of vanilla in there and then you couldn’t tell the difference. And I still got all those great benefits. So where do they go, Caroline?

[00:05:17] april: Oh, that would

[00:05:18] caroline: be

[00:05:22] april: hour. Yep. And that code will give you 30%. Off. So order some for yourself, [00:05:30] for your friends, and you can have the best focus of your life of life. Okay, we got some news for you, but first, do we have any, I mean, it’s just that time. We know that probably every quickie is gonna have some updates, either from former cases or right now Idaho, because it is taking over our live.

[00:05:53] april: Caroline can’t even get her story ready because couldn’t do it.

[00:05:57] caroline: I was taken over, um, the latest, which [00:06:00] would just happened today, the day that we are recording this, it was, um, Brian Berger’s status hearing. The status hearing was, we didn’t know if it was gonna be a preliminary hearing, which is gonna have witnesses, but this was just basically scheduling the next hearing.

[00:06:16] caroline: So it was about a 32nd hearing. Are you kidding me? No, I’m not kidding. Um, he. There was like a full courtroom he’s held currently still held without bail and he waived his [00:06:30] right to a speedy trial. Mm-hmm. . So he will have a preliminary hearing on June 26th. . Um, and it’s gonna be about four to five days.

[00:06:41] caroline: Okay. And I believe it’s at 1130. 11 o’clock. 11:00 AM our time. So 11 our time. So what is this hearing? Well, let me tell you a little bit in this is what, um, my worlds are colliding in this trial because okay. We have Nancy [00:07:00] Grace is down there. Yes. Brian intent is down there. and House Inhabit is down there.

[00:07:06] caroline: If you don’t know who House Inhabit is, that’s Jessica Reed. Krause. She’s the one who like covered Jo, the Johnny Depp trial. Okay. She covers Weinstein. She covers Epstein. She is usually these doing these high profile, like not necessarily murder cases. The whole point is my worlds are colliding. , because I have all these, all my favorite people [00:07:30] are all at the same place at the same time.

[00:07:32] caroline: You wanna know how hard it was for me not to buy a plane ticket to Idaho?

[00:07:37] april: I was like, no. Nancy’s living the life right now. No. Listen.

[00:07:41] caroline: Listen. I will go to the trial. Okay. Mark her words. Mark the words. I will go to that trial. I, I don’t care if it’s one day and now I have to wait in line for 15 hours. I’m gonna go sit in that same room with Brian into Nancy Grace [00:08:00] and House Inhabit.

[00:08:01] caroline: I don’t care about. I just wanna go and see them. And then you probably have to get there so early. But you know what? I’ve already decided I’m gonna go and. But back

[00:08:13] april: to the, so if you wanna help her pay for a plenty a pound plane ticket, you can. We can, we can

[00:08:18] caroline: Venmo, because I did see somebody else happy. I did see somebody else, another person I follow on Instagram, and they said that tickets were four 50 away.

[00:08:24] caroline: So that’s four 50 there, four 50 back. Y’all gonna need to support me. If y’all want me to, I [00:08:30] will cover it. Huh. I’m,

[00:08:33] april: my pants are What? What’s crazy is like I was watching Nancy and like she’s everywhere. That’s like what I do when I go and travel. Like when I go and travel. Yeah. And I’m doing my crime scene.

[00:08:46] april: I’ll go to all the places that I know that it’s in the story and she’s just doing it looking good.

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[00:12:29] april: [00:12:30] Rosen Heroes gonna tell you about Bron and Pros and Heroes’ tell you about.

[00:12:50] caroline: So it’s, it’s good, but, but I really wanna go. And one other thing is how he looked in court. [00:13:00] Um, somebody, a house inhabit said that in person, he looked extremely pale, lanky, and tall, with broad shoulders, sharp features. He answered yes and no questions asked by the judge. His voice was flat and deep, almost robotic in response.

[00:13:14] caroline: And it was noticed that he had a couple cuts on his face. He had one like on his, um, kind of jawline and one kind of close to his chin. Mm-hmm. . And that was like a huge thing. Like what’s going, what’s going on? His face full on my face. Turns out bitch don’t know how to shave. [00:13:30] Oh. So I posted on our Instagram, Maybe he needs some Manscaped.

[00:13:38] april: Love it, love it, love it. I

[00:13:40] caroline: did, I did. So that’s the latest. We’re we’re just kind of waiting until June. Oh, that’s, oh my gosh. I know. So I think they’re just, you know, gonna put their case together and I, I mean, it’s gonna be a five day, I guess, that just. Will determine if it goes to trial and all this, all that, all [00:14:00] that good stuff.

[00:14:00] caroline: And

[00:14:01] april: I did hear today, like somebody pointed out that his quote was, I, I can’t wait, or I’ll be glad when I get exonerated from this. Not, oh,

[00:14:14] caroline: that’s what he, no, that’s what he said at his extradition hearing before. Yes. So there was a big interview, Brian Anton interviewed. Attorney, his, his, um, his attorney, his, uh, public defender who [00:14:30] is in Pennsylvania now that guy’s not under a gag order.

[00:14:33] caroline: Everybody in Idaho’s under a gag order and all the cops, all the attorneys, everybody, this guy isn’t. So he was able to do an interview and he did this whole interview, and I’ve posted on our page, I’ll post it. Um, but he, he gave a lot of good in info. Okay. I mean, it wasn’t. But it, it was, that was something that the public defender went to Brian and said, Hey, I think, I think you need to give a statement.

[00:14:58] caroline: What do you want your [00:15:00] statement to be? So otherwise it wasn’t Brian’s idea. Give the statement. But the statement was from Brian saying that he did wanna be exonerated or he planned on being exon. Yes, exactly what you said. Um,

[00:15:14] april: and then so they were just talking about his choice of words. It’s not, I’m innocent or I’m not guilty.

[00:15:20] april: It was exonerated. So that’s like when you really feel like when it does go to court, but they really can’t prove that you [00:15:30] did it. So it’s, he’s not saying he didn’t do it to me. I just feel like. He’s, it seems like he’s a lot smarter than like what his crime is reporting that he is. Okay. Listen to this too.

[00:15:46] april: It looks like, did he, is he, did he want it to go down like this? Um, and then is he looking forward to his day in courts? . That is just where my mind went [00:16:00] and obviously some other people.

[00:16:01] caroline: Okay. So then on the flight, apparently he had said to one of the officers, um, the, there wasn’t much conversation. They couldn’t ask him anything cuz he had given up his right to his attorneys.

[00:16:16] caroline: Um, and he said he feels it, it’s, it’s, it’s very, he’s, it’s sad about what happened to those people. . That’s what I said to those people. Yeah. [00:16:30] Something like, something to the effect of what I just said. Mm-hmm. then. So that was, that was something that has been talked about. And then, um, I did hear one, another little, um, theory as about the DoorDash.

[00:16:45] caroline: Okay. Delivery. So apparently, uh, according to Lacey and I, there’s no jack in the box. in Moscow. What? And if I know, so [00:17:00] the picture that we saw of Jack in the Box with the sticker that said Zana mm-hmm. , I, I said, well, that could have been a picture from a year ago. Yeah. Okay. Let’s assume it wasn’t, let’s assume it was a picture from the night of, and that was, there’s no Jack in the Box in Moscow.

[00:17:19] caroline: The theory is he ordered is Brian ordered. to get delivered to the house. And so then he [00:17:30] could, like, it could be delivered while he was getting ready to go in. Oh. And be like a diversion. And maybe he ordered it from Pullman, Washington. Yeah. Cuz that’s where he is from. And there is one there. Mm-hmm. . And,

[00:17:45] april: but that’s acting like DoorDash wouldn’t go to Pullman and deliver like No, it would be like

[00:17:50] caroline: he ordered it.

[00:17:53] caroline: I don’t know. I don’t know. But there’s not one in,

[00:17:56] yeah,

[00:17:56] april: but it’s a 10 minute drive. So that’s like saying there’s not a [00:18:00] Chick-fil-A in Bellmead, but you can DoorDash, chick-fil-A to Bellmead.

[00:18:04] caroline: Well, I know, but it was just a little

[00:18:08] april: suspicious. .

[00:18:11] caroline: There

[00:18:11] april: was a whole, there’s a whole theory about it. Okay. Yeah. Yeah.

[00:18:14] april: But you never know. Yeah.

[00:18:17] caroline: Um.

[00:18:20] april: Okay. Yeah. Okay. So here’s the stories I got for this week. Um, I had to divert my attention to Anna Walsh. [00:18:30] She is the missing white woman. Uh, right now. My favorite, all of our Instagram. It is. I’m sure you know a bunch about it, so you can help me with this. Yep, I sure will. So she is a Massachusetts shits mom.

[00:18:46] april: Of three Anna Walsh, and she vanished from her home, uh, near Boston. Mm-hmm. ne on a New Year’s day. So she was last seen by her [00:19:00] husband when he claimed she left for the airport at 6:00 AM that morning. Okay. So he told police that Anna woke him up. Early on January one saying that she had a work emergency and needed to fly to dc So she got up, she got ready, she kissed him goodbye.

[00:19:22] april: She told him, go back to sleep. And she said that he, that he said that she then ordered a [00:19:30] ride share to take her to the Boston Logan International Airport, right? Mm-hmm. , but. No record of her being picked up by a ride share. Mm-hmm. or boarding a flight according to the Popo. Yep. Brian said that the next day he got a babysitter for his kids.

[00:19:51] april: They have three kids and he wants to go visit his mom, who’s about 60 minutes away. Um, but for some reason it took him 90 minutes to [00:20:00] get there. Oh, he got lost? Yeah. I guess he got lost. Maybe never goes, sees his mom. Mm-hmm. , um, And when he got there, he ran a couple errands for his mom because he is a nice, good son like that.

[00:20:13] april: Oh yeah. He went to CVS and I think Whole Foods for his mom. Oh yeah. And then he came back into town and he got back home at their family home around 8:00 PM that night. The next day he took his kids to go get like a chocolate milkshake [00:20:30] and he needed to go to Home Depot. So he made a trip to Home Depot about 4:00 PM that afternoon.

[00:20:36] april: Mm-hmm. . Okay. He’s telling the police all of this. Yeah. Now he didn’t report his wife missing until January 4th. He last saw her January one. He didn’t report her until January 4th. So police don’t find out until days later. So is there a red [00:21:00] flag right there?

[00:21:01] caroline: Uh uh. It’s a pretty small one, but I mean, yeah, it’s, it’s a little hint.

[00:21:05] april: It’s too late. A little hint. Yeah. So police start investigate and they find out that her phone was actually pinging around the family home F after June, after January one. Oh. So for the next two days her phone was still there. Wow. That’s interesting. So would she haveing went out of town and got on the plane without her phone?

[00:21:26] april: Mm. It’s unlikely. Unless you’re planning a murder [00:21:30] like Brian Koberg and you left your phone at home. That would be the only reason to leave your phone right at home. Yeah. Um, they find out that he is actually on probation. Oh.

[00:21:42] caroline: And he’s wearing a ankle.

[00:21:44] april: Yeah, when he went to Home Depot, it triggered his, triggered his stay at home order.

[00:21:51] april: So he wasn’t supposed to even like be there. Mm-hmm. . Um, and then on January 6th, their [00:22:00] former home just randomly caught on fire. Oh. So and it, it was just weird. And what are the odds right now? They’re not sure if that’s related at all. I think they’ve ruled it like unrelated. It was just real random. This lady’s missing.

[00:22:15] april: She’s been missing for five days now. And then your home that you had just recently burned, got caught on fire. Hmm. Interesting. So,

[00:22:29] april: [00:22:30] Police start combing through video footage and they’re trying to corroborate his story. Mm-hmm. . All right. So part of his story was he ran errands for his mom at CVS and Whole Foods, but they pulled camera footage for CVS and home Foods. He was nowhere on the camera. Oh. So shocking. That part of the story can’t be corroborated.

[00:22:50] april: Hmm. Very hard word. Yeah, it is. Um, they also pulled video from Home Depot. He went [00:23:00] and they noticed that when he was there, he had on a black surgical mass, black surgical, or sorry, blue surgical BL gloves, and he had paid cash for $450 worth of cleaning supplies. Is he a surgeon or was he He’s not a surgeon.

[00:23:17] april: He’s not a janitor. I mean, wonder what? A little bit of Fabuloso, what he would

[00:23:23] caroline: need

[00:23:23] april: those items. and he was so desperate to go there that he broke his [00:23:30] house arrest orders. Wow. Uh, you have to be real desperate to go, I believe. Do we? You have to really?

[00:23:36] caroline: Do we know why he was on

[00:23:37] april: house arrest? Yes. I’m gonna get there.

[00:23:39] april: Oh, okay. Because I knew they also find internet searches of. Quote unquote, how to dispose of 115 pound woman’s body. Hmm, that’s a little. And they found blood in his basement and they found [00:24:00] a, like a damaged knife with blood on it. So he, he was a

[00:24:07] caroline: hunter. I think he was a

[00:24:08] april: hunter. He killed his, his, his game?

[00:24:12] april: Yeah. In the basement? Yeah. And just,

[00:24:14] caroline: okay. Yeah. I mean, so he was a hunter. He, there’s blood. I mean, what’s the problem? It’s nothing new. It’s small. Why? This is even one of our stories. I have no

[00:24:22] april: idea. Skip. So on January 8th, Brian Wash was charged with [00:24:30] intentionally misleading the police in the investigation of his wife.

[00:24:34] april: Disappearance. Hmm. With a $500,000 bond

[00:24:38] caroline: and there’s no 10% on this one. It’s you have to

[00:24:42] april: pay the whole thing. The whole thing. And when he was being arrested, he had the biggest cheesiest grin. Listen on his face. I can’t

[00:24:50] caroline: even talk about how dusty this guy looks. He’s like a er. He’s dusty and dirty and she.

[00:24:56] caroline: So cute and hot. She is beautiful. Apparently I, [00:25:00] females are so much more attractive than males. ,

[00:25:03] april: all these guys. Are you crossing over?

[00:25:05] caroline: I might be cross. I might have, I might be crossing over because these guys are so

[00:25:09] april: gr. Okay. I know he’s super

[00:25:12] caroline: cute and he’s just

[00:25:13] april: gross. It’s definitely a mismatch. Who is

[00:25:16] caroline: even attracted to that guy?

[00:25:18] caroline: I.

[00:25:18] april: So, um, they’re searching for Anna or her body and canines find, um, a bag with a hacksaw, a hatchet, [00:25:30] a rug at a local trash facility, and Peabody, which is about an hour from their home. Mm-hmm. , I have to guess it has to be on the way to where his mom may live, and that’s why that’s who got lost drive. Took him 90 minutes instead of 60 minutes.

[00:25:47] april: Lost. Hm. Um, they also towed dam dumpsters from his mom’s apartment complex, and they’re searching through these dumpsters to see if they can find anything related to [00:26:00] Anna or her disappearance. Mm, so just a little bit. They met in 2015. They have three sons. They’ve been married ever since then, according to France, she was excited about the new Year.

[00:26:13] april: She kept saying something big was coming, going to happen, like after the new year. But they were also selling off a bunch of their assets. Like they sold a car, got cash for it. They sold an apartment that they had rented out for the last couple years and got cash for it. [00:26:30] So these friends are like coming forward and just, yeah, talking about like things that they’ve done in the last couple days or weeks.

[00:26:40] april: It also turns out as they’re investigating, Brian, that he had been a long-term patient at a psychiatric hospital, and

[00:26:47] caroline: he was diagnosed as a sociopath.

[00:26:50] april: I heard, and yes, that’s a familiar term.

[00:26:53] caroline: That’s interesting and surprised. I had an independent landfill ,

[00:26:58] april: and he was [00:27:00] estranged from his father. Oh. Who he swindled.

[00:27:05] april: Out of $1 million. Oh my gosh. That

[00:27:09] caroline: is what Jody Chad did, but not outta that much

[00:27:11] april: money. Yeah. Dirty Chad is a part of every story. I’m sorry. Sorry. . So his dad left him out of his will. And so there’s been like this battle going back and forth with Brian and his dad and this Wil cause I think dad has like, Million.[00:27:30]

[00:27:30] april: Some million dollar real estate and assets and money and all this stuff. So Brian was trying to get that money. Oh my God. So in October of 2018, he was indicted for fraud. So they’re digging into Brian, right? Mm-hmm. . He was indicted for fraud. Fraud cuz he sold two fake by Andy Warhol. Who is that? . You

[00:27:55] caroline: should have looked it up.

[00:27:56] caroline: So he, I know that he. He pled [00:28:00] guilty to charges related to an attempt to scam, uh, Los Angeles Byer using fake Andy Warhol paintings and. He acquired the real paintings from a friend in South Korea and told the friend that he could sell them for a good price. The friend agreed, but was not able to contact him.

[00:28:22] caroline: Brian

[00:28:22] april: afterwards, , so he stole the paintings and then tried to sell some fake ones, and

[00:28:26] caroline: then the person in la. Found the paintings [00:28:30] listed on eBay in 2016 and agreed to buy them for $80,000. And once the paintings were transferred, the Bri, the buyer examined them and found, um, multiple indications. The paintings were not authentic.

[00:28:45] caroline: And he’s awaiting sentencing. Yes. That’s why he has an

[00:28:47] ankle

[00:28:48] april: monitor. Yes. That’s why he was on house arrest. That’s why he had an ankle monitor. Now, since he has been sentenced, he’s been on house arrest, he has written a letter to the judge [00:29:00] letting the judge know how great of a person he is now and how he, has he changed any honest person?

[00:29:05] april: No. She wrote it. She two, they both wrote it. There was. Oh my gosh. And then why? Because he forced her to Yes. Wrote this letter thanking the judge and singing his praises for letting her husband be at home because she’s getting, he’s helping their family through a, a hard time right now. I can’t sketch af a f.[00:29:30]

[00:29:30] april: Clearly their kids are in cps. P s custody is a court date on February 9th, and their friends are currently like begging for the, I’m calling it cps s it’s called something there to try to get their kids, because Anna would not, would be totally upset if her kids, if she knew they’re, it’s like in a foster care type system right now.

[00:29:55] april: Ugh. They’re just. In a system. So her close friends are trying to [00:30:00] get custody of her kids right now, at least temporary custody. Oh, isn’t that crazy?

[00:30:06] caroline: Yes. Um, only other thing I have to say is, um, What reality are we living in with all these Brian’s ? Brian Laund. Brian Koberg.

[00:30:19] april: Brian Walsh. Oh, never name your

[00:30:21] caroline: kid.

[00:30:22] caroline: Never trusted Brian. Brian. And just when we thought Brian Koberg was the dumbest criminal, Brian [00:30:30] Walsh turns out he’s the dumbest criminal

[00:30:33] april: you are. And that’s how you know how narcissist they are. You’re, you are over here.

[00:30:37] caroline: You have an ankle bracelet. , and you’re going around all these places. Mm-hmm. being tracked, and then you go to a Home Depot and you buy all this $450 worth of

[00:30:48] april: stuff cleaning clearly.

[00:30:50] april: And then

[00:30:51] caroline: you drive to your mom, oh, you get lost, and then you’re getting handcuffed and you’re smiling as you’re coming out, and then you’re dusty as hell with that nasty hair and [00:31:00] that face in that gut, and you’re gross.

[00:31:04] april: And I think that they have gotten so far with their words and convinced people. And manipulated people that they just think that they.

[00:31:12] april: Get out of this

[00:31:13] caroline: too. I think even I heard that her mom, like, uh, uh, like a week before all this, she had texted her mom, begged her to come to telling her to come, and then the mom was like, oh, I’ll come next week. But the

[00:31:25] april: mom didn’t. I don’t know. The mom was like, they’re, they live

[00:31:28] caroline: in another country or [00:31:30] something.

[00:31:30] caroline: Or they’re from another country. Yeah. Bulgaria something with a b. It’s probably like,

[00:31:36] april: she couldn’t, couldn’t just get up and come. She just, she was like, I can’t, yeah. Like I gotta get my medicines, I gotta do all this stuff. I can’t come tomorrow, but maybe, whatever. So I just wanna know what, how did this, and also the night, new Year’s Eve night, right.

[00:31:50] april: She had called her mom twice. She had called her sister. She had called a bunch of people and nobody answered the phone. Yeah. So, no, everybody’s just wondering like what

[00:31:58] caroline: was happening, happening, [00:32:00] like what happened all of a sudden, and friends kind of like, Like we knew. He was like, well, some, some that I’ve read, they were like, we didn’t notice anything.

[00:32:08] caroline: But yeah, if he’s a sociopath, you clearly notice something. Mm-hmm. . But then again, if it was like a dirty chat situation, some people will distance theirselves mm-hmm. from that situation because they know how he is. Yeah. They don’t wanna be around him, but they, they’re just, it’s almost like, they’re like, oh, we’re just waiting for him to finally snap.[00:32:30]

[00:32:31] april: Yeah, true. Um, and then just to end the six year old boy from Virginia who shot his 25 year old teacher on purpose, uh, like not on accident, before

[00:32:46] caroline: we even go here, what, who do you blame for

[00:32:50] april: this? Um, parents. Yep. And that’s who’s being blamed. So, which neck? Elementary [00:33:00] school? Mm-hmm. , Virginia. Mm-hmm. and little, like six years old.

[00:33:05] april: You are kinder to you’re first grade.

[00:33:08] caroline: Did it say, let me, no, let me give you can, when should I give you the argument right now? Let me tell ’em

[00:33:14] april: the story. Tell the story, and then we’ll give you the argument. Okay. So there was an or the argument with the teacher and the kid? No, no, no.

[00:33:20] caroline: Oh, I, I talked to somebody about this and they were upset because somebody else said it’s the parent’s fault, and they’re like, don’t [00:33:30] go

[00:33:30] april: blaming the parents.

[00:33:31] april: Okay, let me tell the story. Yeah. Okay. So a six year old boy shot his teacher at a rich neck Elementary school in Virginia. . Okay. So there was an argument back and forth argument with a teacher and little six year old boy. How do you argue with the six year old boy? But these kids are on another level.

[00:33:51] april: Yep. And he goes and he pulls out a gun and he fires one shot at his teacher. Her name is Abby Z [00:34:00] Wener. It went through her hand, so it’s like she had her hand up to block it and it went through her chest. She had life-threatening wounds. Ugh. But they ended up saving her. And she’s right now unstable condition.

[00:34:15] april: She, but okay. So she was shot, she made sure that she evacuated the rest of the kids out of the class. Yep. Made sure they’re safe. The school was put on lockdown when the police came. They [00:34:30] detained the six year old boy now, and there’s really, there’s not a lot about. , but because Virginia State law mandates that weapons must be secured and locked, if you have children in the house under 14 years olds mm-hmm.

[00:34:49] april: then parents could face charges because. They agreed to have a gun. And when you agreed to have a gun, you agreed to keep the laws [00:35:00] that surround that gun.

[00:35:01] caroline: Do you know what, how? Is there a difference from how it is

[00:35:05] april: anywhere else? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t, I don’t know anything about guns. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:35:10] april: I

[00:35:10] caroline: don’t either. But yes, you’re stating I do state

[00:35:12] april: the facts. I do think that we see it on the news all the time. A kid, a teenager, a whoever finds a gun, and shoots it accidentally. Accidentally. But this kid did take that shit to school [00:35:30] purpose. So this was somewhere where he and even I watched were to go find it.

[00:35:36] april: I watched

[00:35:36] caroline: the press conference and they specifically said he did it on purpose.

[00:35:43] april: Yeah. But he’s currently in a mental fac, a medical facility, but he will likely not face charges. What do you do with a six year old?

[00:35:55] caroline: I, I don’t know. I, I don’t, I, [00:36:00] it could listen because, okay. No, I have a friend who was upset about people blam, the parents. Okay. I think that you’re six. You ha how are you having access to this gun?

[00:36:16] april: You barely know cause and effect.

[00:36:19] caroline: So my friend said, Because we don’t know all the details. We dunno if the gun was locked up and if the kid knew how to get the [00:36:30] gun.

[00:36:30] caroline: I do think it’s the parents. The parents are partially responsible, but until we have full details of how the kid got the gun, I don’t think that the parent should be prosecuted until we know the details. I don’t see an argument of not the parent like you’re

[00:36:45] april: six. You don’t know the difference between it being a game, didn’t go buy the gun.

[00:36:52] april: He didn’t go buy the gun. No. . And to me, and, and, and when you have a home [00:37:00] and you have a gun, then you take that whole responsibility of that gun, especially if you have kids. So if you keep it in a drawer that your kid can get into, that’s irresponsible. If you keep it locked in a safe, that’s, to me is being responsible.

[00:37:16] april: I agree. Uh, so. Put it in

[00:37:20] caroline: place that you have to have your own like fingerprint to unlock it or

[00:37:23] april: whatever. And even I picture, maybe these are parents that would bring out the gun and [00:37:30] show it off and cock it. You know what I mean? Like I hate people. That, to me, people, men who flash guns got little penises.

[00:37:41] april: It’s like the men with the humongous muscles. You’re overcompensating. Oh, yes. Or like the big jacked up ass truck with the big old wheels. You got a little penis. Oh, you def They definitely, I’m not totally against guns, but there’s no reason to flash it. There’s a purpose for it. You’re either gonna go hunting with it or you’re gonna take it out when you need it.

[00:37:59] april: [00:38:00] Like why flash it? Yeah, it’s because it’s bigger than your penis. So you’d rather for people to see that than your penis Facts . But. , it still comes with responsibility, and it sucks that this was a six year old boy. If I was a parent, I would take full responsibility because I fucked up. I thought it was cool to have a gun, but I wasn’t responsible with it.

[00:38:26] april: And look what my child did. And luckily nobody died [00:38:30] luckily,

[00:38:31] caroline: because apparently he wasn’t like stopping. Stopping what? Like I think somebody had to go and like get it from him. Cuz he wasn’t gonna stop shooting it or

[00:38:43] april: something. No, it was just one shot and it was D like the shots, supposedly the shots scared him.

[00:38:48] april: One shot done, she was hit. She let everybody out the classroom. But there wasn’t a threat afterwards. Yeah, it wasn’t multiple shots. Yeah.

[00:38:56] caroline: Okay. So it scared him. So then, okay, that’s [00:39:00]

[00:39:00] april: That’s what I’m saying. I don’t really realize cause and effect really. No, no. Like he knew he was mad and he probably. Boom shooter.

[00:39:08] april: But did he realize what shooting her would actually do? Or is it like the video game he might play, or what he might see on tv like nobody really dies? Oh, and the context that he sees Guns six. Yeah. Woo. That was a lot. Did they just get a full episode? And you’re welcome. All right, y’all, um, [00:39:30] go on and rate review and subscribe to Bloody Happy Hour podcast and send it to 14 friends.

[00:39:37] april: Do you have 14 friends? Oh, I You don’t send it to

[00:39:40] caroline: seven? I have 17. Okay. So I’m actually pretty

[00:39:42] april: popular. Okay. So send it to all your friends and we will see y’all Thursday for a full episode. Where are we going Caroline? We are going

[00:39:51] caroline: to Alaska. What?

[00:39:53] april: We’ve never been there. I know. It’s. All right. Don’t forget to stay aware.

[00:39:59] april: Stay [00:40:00] alive and always be

[00:40:01] caroline: DT F. Hello. Bye.

[00:40:05] april: Find the killer.

[00:40:21] april: This has been a Rogue Media podcast.


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