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The Benefits of Joining Our Network

Here are some of the benefits that Rogue Media Network provides:

Production help
We want to help you produce the best show possible, so we're happy to offer production assistance. This help might be as simple as advice from experienced podcasters, or as robust as editing services, research services, marketing assets, graphics, or coaching.

Increased marketing and exposure
Our network has marketing tools and services to help you gain exposure and attract more listeners... We can also set up cross-promotions between members of the network so you can share listeners between audiences. This is an attractive benefit to podcasts that don’t have the time or know-how to market their own show.

Increased listenership
More marketing means more listeners. Most importantly, these listeners stick with your show even if you decide to leave the podcast network one day.

Networking and connections
Our network is an exclusive club for podcasters, which makes us the perfect place to meet experienced and successful people in the industry.

Less work finding sponsors
The network does all the legwork to find sponsors. You just read the ad copy you’re given or slice in the ad audio files they send to you. This lets you put all of your energy into producing and marketing your show.

Credibility by association
By associating yourself with other quality shows, you gain credibility and authority. People assume your show has value because you are part of a well-liked, trusted brand. A listener might say, “I like other shows on that network, so I’ll try this one.”

Partnerships in other industries
Our network builds partnerships with complementary industries. For instance, we may have a deal with a book publisher to help podcast hosts become authors. Or we might have a deal with a network of websites to display banner ads.

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Rogue Media Network is a full-scale podcast production company. We offer all the services a podcast creator could need—you choose what is right for you and your show.

We offer Custom Premium Production Packages with an Audio Engineer who works with you 1 on 1 to produce your show.

Every multitrack podcast recording at Rogue Media includes a sound-treated studio space, mics, headphones, Bluetooth capability to connect to your phone or laptop to offer a virtual connection with those outside the studio, a knowledgeable sound engineer to assist with set-up, mic checks, and recording. We can assist in adding intros, outros, and transitions, polishing, sound enhancement, foley, and processing of the file for a clean,  professional sound. We also offer fast file delivery.

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Focus on the creative or business part of your show and leave the technical details to us. Our producers work with you 1 on 1 to build the show of your dreams. We provide creative direction and podcast consulting, including concept and format direction. Branding and cover art design services available as well. Perfect for businesses, those just starting up, and even the podcast professional.

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Want to stream your show live or video record the show to use on social media? We have HD video recording options for those who want to take their videos to the next level.

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voice over


Record your audiobook or voice-over project in our professional-grade, sound-isolated vocal Room. We record and edit your audiobook or voiceover tracks at affordable rates and to industry standards. You can stay comfortable during long sessions thanks to the built-in ventilation system. Receive guidance throughout set-up and recording from a sound engineer. Add on advanced editing for a production-ready audio file.


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