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Podcast Advertising

Founded in 2019, we are based in the heart of downtown Waco, Texas out of the iconic Alico building. Rogue Media Network features the best in podcasts, video content, and streaming media. We can help you start, advertise, and maintain your exciting ideas for your brand and you!

Mission Statement: To produce results-driven advertising and social solutions for our clients and partners. With 150+ shows on the network we have produced video projects for Television, Music Videos, and Live Podcasts.

We have shows for almost any genre, niche, and audience. New shows are being developed and released daily. Our reach extends to social and streaming platforms along with pre-recorded solutions.

100 mile radius


It takes 3 1/2 hours from Austin - Dallas. ( 200 miles ) If some listens to a podcast on our network at any point on that trip they can hear anywhere bwtween 6-12 ads on that trip. Some before they get to Waco,TX. This could be great advertising to highlight services, restraunts, etc.

200 mile radius

The texas Trio Triangle:
Dallas, Houston, San Antonio

This is an example if you are in the central texas area how you could utilize this startegy to advertise a service based business or to promote brand awareness. this strategy is very effective for event reconigtion and service based businesses wanting to have more pressence with a bigger audience.

200 mile radius nation wide

National Scale:

We have the capabilty to place your ad in multple locations across the Nation to target your specific area if desired. Here's an example on the left to strategically target specific citys and define how wide of a area to cover.

" TIER 1 "


1 Live-read by host
( 1 episode)

Social Media Mention
(episode released)

(All episodes are featured on all podcast platforms)

" TIER 2 "

$300 /MONTH

4 Live-read by host
( 4 episodes)

Social Media Mention
(episode released)

Post-roll ad at end
(all 4 episodes)

(All episodes are featured on all podcast platforms)

" TIER 3 "

$500 /MONTH

*Items from Tier 2*

“Brought to you by”
(Show Sponsor message)

Live Event Partner

Social Media Involvement
(Logo, mentions, tags on
all show posts)

(All episodes are featured on all podcast platforms)

" TIER 4 "


Build your own
( From Tiers 2 & 3 )

Custom Length
( Monthly,Quarterly, Yearly)

Custom Budget

(All episodes are featured on all podcast platforms)