Advertising Rates

Podcast Rates

1 30-60 second live read or prerecorded ad during podcast $50 (1 time, 1 podcast episode)

Full Show Sponsor $150 (1 time, 1 podcast episode)


Podcasts have fewer ads per hour than radio. This means on a podcast your message doesn’t get lost in a long “stop set” of multiple commercials as they do on radio.

The best podcast ads are voiced live by our hosts, in their own words. This makes ads well integrated into shows, keeping listeners engaged rather than encouraging them to tune out. It also means that podcast ads are fresh and original, rather than repetitive like pre-recorded radio commercials.

Contact us and let one of our experts help select the right shows and be your guide for a powerful campaign.

Event Rates

1 Banner at Live Event

Mentions as the sponsor in social media posts about the event

Ability to set up and sell your products at the event

Full Show Sponsor $250 (1 time)

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