At Rogue Media Network, we can adjust your advertising to fit your budget and goals.

Ads can be targeted to specific locations and demographics.

Exclusive Show Sponsors - $200/month - per show

  • Exclusive Naming Rights to a Specific Podcast
  • Logo-Graphic to appear on all social media and video production
  • Live show reads during each episode by our Rogue Media Network Staff or Show Host
  • Mentions of promotions or events coming up for your company

Rogue Media Network Ads - CPM** = $20

  • 20-30 second pre-recorded or Rogue Media Network produced Ad
  • Ads run across all shows on the network
  • Ads run for 30-day renewal cycles
  • Ads run during the beginning and middle of all shows

Example: Advertiser Budget $300* = 15,000 Impressions***

*You control your budget! (Minimum spend $20)
** CPM(Cost per 1000 Ad Impression)
***Impressions = views and listens