Are you or your business looking to create a private podcast that only your employees or community members can access?


Private podcasts are a great way to share company-wide messages with your organization or give access to a special feed for memberships (an advertising-free feed for example).


Every private subscriber gets a unique RSS feed that you can easily email them or share on your choice of dashboard.This also makes your show secure so that if the feed link gets leaked for any reason, you can remove or change it for just that one person, without affecting everyone else.


Rogue Media also offers Corporate training podcasts. Why are many companies investing in corporate training podcasts? Podcasts are more personal and engaging than articles. Podcast episodes are cheaper to produce than videos. Learners can control the speed they consume content. Employees can access lessons when they need answers to specific questions.  Employees can listen to episodes in the car, while they exercise or cook, etc. By making training lessons available as a resource, companies don’t need to pay another person to teach the learner one-on-one.


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