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Andrew Gomez- The Public Affair

Stories are always told intentionally. Someone had to shape them, give them order, and reveal their beauty. Andrew Gomez lives in Waco, Texas, and sculpts the lives of everyday people into stories. Like any artist, he creates with purpose, joy, and dedication. His art, The Public Affair, is all about the conversation. He wants each episode to give form to a life that otherwise would go unsaid. What shape does an untold life have? Many are disadvantaged by the structure of our nation and are not rewarded for seeing the value of their own experiences. They look at their lives and believe them to be unimportant, unfit, and unnecessary. But stories connect us, they shape our world. The Public Affair gives people a place where their story can be treasured, for we all deserve to be who we are. It is a tremendous gift to be understood. How can you love something you do not understand? Andrew says that life is what we make of it. That is more than a statement, it is an invitation. It is an opportunity to come and do what humans have done for tens of thousands of years: listen to stories. The guest and the host share a bottle of wine and take pride in the adventures of their life, skeletons and all, and it is irresistible. Life is something we all share. Our successes and mistakes remind us of that. It all comes together to create a place of laughter, community, and understanding. A place where we can all get to know each other, and ourselves, a little better. 

Andrew G. The Public Affair

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